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Protective Coatings

After blasting, the blast media is blown & vacuumed from your vehicle before being coated with either a special rust resistant clear coating or a 2 Pack Epoxy.

Or if you prefer to supply your own we can apply it for you.

Clear Coating

Our preferred option is the clear coating, this product is designed for protecting bare steel from rust and contaminants. This coating is nearly invisible and has NO build up, you can still feel the profile of the steel and see EVERYTHING you’re working on, nothing hidden, no surprises.

If you havn't already used this product, you will be amazed at just how great it is and how much easier it will make your resto. This coatings has been used for many years by some of the world’s top car builders. Chances are if your panel beater doesn't use this product, it's only because they haven’t tried it yet.

Some of our competitors who are stuck in the dark ages of industrial blasting prefer to use black, grey or red oxide coloured etch primers. They either choose to believe that what they did in 1990 is still current technology or they're scared that if they clear coat your car you'll see what they missed blasting off in their rush to get that box trailer done today as well. Some even claim they use the black etch so that you can see how straight the car is after blasting because the clear hides the warping? That doesn't even make sense. Anyone who knows anything about panel beating or vehicle restoration knows that you find dents or imperfections in panels by feel not by sight during the initial stages of panel work. The clear doesn't hide anything, let alone warping, that’s not something you can hide under an invisible coating. Rust and incomplete blasting is the only thing a blaster can hide.
The clear coating does not need to be washed off. Just treat the panel as if it's still bare metal and please follow the normal steps of paint preparation by sanding, epoxy primer, primer, paint. We have used this product for over 7 years and have found it to be compatible with all known paint brands and products. We have not heard of a single reaction to this coating.
Your shell and panels will be safe from rust as long as it's stored inside away from moisture. Our coating offers the same protection as the coloured etch primers used elsewhere, in that if they get wet your car will rust, but at least with the clear you can see it and address it before it's too late.
We have blasted many cars and panels that other blasters had done and put there black/grey/red coatings on. Owners have taken this panel home and stored it in the back shed, checked on it every couple of months and it looked fine. Only to find that the day they start on the resto and begin rubbing the panel to paint, they find the steel has rusted under the etch primer and they have to start again, wasting both time and money.
As mentioned above our clear coating is not moisture proof, so keep an eye on the panels and IF you see any rust forming, address it then, not when it's too late and it needs reblasting. If you’re concerned that your storage area is not suitable to keep your panels safe and dry please ask about our 2 Pack epoxy option (more info below).
Many of you would have seen us at car shows with our displays. We had a 65 Mustang door that has been to around 50+ car shows in the past 5 or so years. It has only been blasted once over 5 years ago and coated with this clear coating once. It's been touched and rubbed, carried around in the back of our work vehicle, hung on our workshop wall and generally been thru far more handling than your average panel, yet still there is NOT a spot of rust on this panel. Many people come and have a look at it each show and comment on how amazed they are that this coating protects the panel.
Having blasted over 500 body shells plus 1000s of panels and coated them with this product we have not had a single issue with paint adhesion or paint incompatibility with this product.
We recommend speaking with your panel beater or paint rep before we prime your vehicle to ensure they are happy with our coating. They are also welcome to call or drop in if they have any questions. Our aim is to offer the best possible finish so working with your panel guy is essential.

IF your paint does not agree with the coating or your panel beater is worried at all, it will easily wash off with thinners, however we are yet to come across any such issues. Also if by some stroke of fate your primer reacts to the clear we will reblast the panel for free.
RestoPrep is proud of the finish we leave on your car and therefor stand by the clear coating that doesn't hide anything. This coating is also supported and approved by some of the worlds top class restoration shops, so you can be assured it is the best quality coating for your vehicle or parts.
You’re welcome to contact us for references of panel shops who regularly use our services and have been very happy with the coatings (and our service in general).

2 Pack Epoxy Primer

If your vehicle is likely to be sitting for more than a couple of years before you begin the restoration, OR you do not think you have a safe place to store the car out of the weather, then we do offer a 2 Pack Epoxy coating. 2 Pack Epoxy primer is what most quality restoration shops use these days to seal your vehicle before restoration. In fact this is the recommended option once your steel work is done as it forms a solid sealed base to protect your body. You can then do any final body filler over the top of this primer (unlike regular primers which require you to apply the body filler direct to the steel. 2k epoxy stops any moisture getting under the filler and causing rust.
The 2K Epoxy is water proof (unlike normal primers or etch primers which are porous). Your vehicle will sit safely without rusting for many years like this. Though one thing to keep in mind, if we have blasted your vehicle and removed any seam sealer, you would be wise to reseal these areas before exposing the vehicle to moisture to stop any chance of rust forming in those hidden areas.
We are also happy to apply the coating of your choice, if so please bring it along when you drop off your project.

RestoPrep prefer to speak to your panel shop directly in order to make sure the car is blasted and coated to their preferred spec, as ultimately your panel guy is responsible for the body work and paint finish.
We can also offer a range of exciting new chassis and undercarriage paints that are rust, chemical and stone chip resistant,
Providing a better than new finish to your freshly blasted undercarriage, engine bay or interior (or exterior in some cases).
Powder coating is also available, some of our workshops do this in house, others outsource the work, but can happily arrange the process and deliver / pick up the parts so you don't have to run around yourself. Give us a call or email if you would like more info about this service. There are many great colours available in powder coating now, not just solid colours like black, but bright greens, pink pearls and many other interesting colours.