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Automotive Blasting

Restoprep can strip your car, parts or panels clean of paint, rust, grease, body filler and other unwanted
contaminants. Giving you the ideal base to start your restoration.

We use the latest in blast media technology to ensure the best finish on each
component of your car. Not only that, in many cases we will hand finish your vehicle to ensure no area is missed.

We utilise up to 3 different methods to ensure the best finish for your car, it's the extra time and effort that we put in that ensures your car the superior result, spending anywhere upto 20 hours on each vehicle ensuring a quality finish.

So if you get a quote from us and find that it's slightly higher than a quote you got from another blaster, keep in mind the extra money spent with us is for the extra time and care we take on your car, that ultimately may save you thousands of dollars in unneeded repairs that can be caused by careless industral blasters.

This is just one of the factors seperating RestoPrep from traditional abrasive blasters, many of whom only spend a couple of hours with heavier abrasives to get your car in and out quickly so they can get paid and go home, with little care towards the end result.

As an automotive restoration preparation business, we have spent a great deal of time and money researching and trialing every different type of blast media available. From this research we have found fine crushed glass as the ideal media for automotive blasting.

RestoPrep are here for car enthusiasts because we ARE car enthusiasts.

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